Tyler Refrigeration

Tyler Systems Manual

Tyler Line Sizing

Tyler Case Nomenclature:



Case Installation Manuals:

A5FGN-A5FGBB-A5NGN-A5NGBB Low and Medium Temperature Narrow Depth Glass Door

FDESC Self-Contained Floral

LD48-54-60-72 Multideck Self-Service Deli

LDFL Front Load Roll-in Dairy

LDSSI Self-Service Deli Island

LPF-LPD Self-Service Prepared Food & Display Deli

LPFMT-LPFDT Service/Self-Service Combo Deli

LRPHPEE16 High Performance Produce Island

N3MGHPEX Single Deck High Performance Meat/Deli/Produce End Case

N2MHP High Performance Meat/DeliProduce

N2P-N2PS-N2PSE Bulk Produce Case

N2PSSC Self-Contained Mobile Produce

N3MG-N3HM Three-Deck Meat/Deli/Produce High Performance

N3PL-N3PH Waterfall Bulk Produce

N5D-N5DH-N5DL-N5DSC Narrow Multi-deck Dairy/Deli

5FGNA-N5NGNA Glass Door (ANTHONY) Frozen Food & Medium Temp

N5M-N5MHP Multi-deck Meat/Deli/Produce High Performance

N5P Extended Height Multi-Deck Bulk Produce

N6DHP High Performance Multi-Deck Dairy

N6DHPACLA-ACMA-ACHA High Performance Airewave Air Curtain Multi-Deck Dairy

N6D-N6DNN6F-N6FL Multi-Deck Frozen Food

N6MHP High Performance Multi-Deck Meat/Deli

N6PHPM26 High Performance Multi-Deck Produce

N7DNHPL Extended Height High Performance Multi-Deck Dairy

N7DNL-N7NHD Extended Height Multi-Deck Dairy/Deli/Produce/Juice

NCN Narrow Island Frozen Food/Ice Cream

NCS-NFX-NFX Open Well Frozen Food/Ice Cream

NCWX-NFWGX Wide island Frozen Food/Ice Cream

NDRLHPA High Performance Rear-Load Roll-in Dairy


NFM-NFF-NFD-NFL Fixed Glass Service Meat/Fish/Deli MT/LT


NLBN-NLBR-NLBS Lift Front Curved Glass Bakery

NLM-NLF-NLD Lift Front Curved Glass Service Meat/Seafood/Deli

NMF-NMFG Single-Deck Frozen Meat

NM-N4M Single and Multideck High Performance Meat/Deli/Produce

NM-NMHPA-N4M-N4MHP Single and Multideck High performance Meat/Deli/Produce

NNG Single Deck Cheese

NP-N1P-N4P-N1PHP-N4PHP High Performance Multideck Produce

NPW-NPE-NPD Island Bulk Produce & Cheese

NRPIE Island Bulk Produce & Cheese

NSSD Three-Deck Meat/Deli/Produce

NVH Fixed Vertical Glass Hot Foods

NVM-NVF-NVD Fixed Vertical Glass Service Meat/Seafood/Deli

RCCG Refrigerated Cheese island

TLM-TLF-TLD Lift Front Straight Glass Service Meat/Seafood/Deli

TLSSD Open Front Sel-Service DelI

TNG Single-Deck Cheese/Deli